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  In today's business environment where change has become commonplace, it is no secret that IT is revolutionizing business and the way in which business is conducted. In this scenario it is critical to create a proper fit between a company's Business and IT strategy.

At Compro, we are a team of dedicated business and IT professionals focused on integrating business strategy with technology strategy. With this focus we deliver competitive advantage, bottom line results and return on investment. We work to create and sustain competitive advantage for our clients. We understand that there is no point in developing a leading edge IT solution if it doesn't meet a specific goal or need of the client. We therefore strive in getting a clear understanding of what our clients need and then in providing for this need in the best possible manner, ensuring that the focus is always on the client coming out a winner.

Pledge to Clients: The best of solutions created by people who meet exceptional standards for intellectual leadership and creativity, to bear on our client's problems. We go beyond the buzz and translate acronyms like B2B, CRM, EAI, WAP and EDI into a particular benefit for our client's business.

Pledge to Employees: Respect, talent, values, commitment, and an environment suited to the best work possible, all part of the Compro's difference. We believe that providing a challenging work space keeps the Compro team on the technology edge thus providing the opportunities to flourish and succeed.

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