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 Packaged Application
  At Compro, we assist clients in optimizing return on investment (ROI) in their packaged applications by decreasing the costs associated with implementing and managing them. We help reduce costs by streamlining processes and providing application package expertise as needed. We work with our clients to build a stable application environment and implement processes with defined service levels, enabling them to better predict and potentially reduce the costs associated with implementation of their packaged applications.

Compro can support your packaged application implementation by
  • Providing a broad range of specialized skills and resources -- on demand
  • Enabling quicker upgrades and enhancements
  • Providing consistent, reliable support and training for end users
  • Delivering services at predictable costs and defined levels for a potentially higher ROI
With a flexible set of application services, Compro can provide ongoing management and enhancement of our clients' packaged applications. Our clients can select from a comprehensive set of business, technical and project management capabilities to support their packaged applications. We will work with our clients to assess their needs, manage the transition of their application management services and deliver ongoing application support for the packaged applications.

Other services includes end-user training and support, troubleshooting to fix problems with application environment, assistance with application strategy, report development, technical support, application support activities such as user profile management and batch scheduling and also include overall program management and project support for upgrades, business enablement or integration with new applications.

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