Human resource system will cater to all the needs of a human resource ...

  Integrated Management System (IMS) will cater to all the needs of a human resource department as well as billing of the personnel. The combination of the two in one system is important for the software industry.

The development of the system would take place in phases and each phase will be implemented when complete. Also it should be possible to implement each phase will be implemented when complete. Also it should be possible to implement each module by itself at the client site.

This will give flexibility in pricing the product. This product should cater for 10 to 10,000 employees.
  1. Leave and Attendance: This module will track the leave that an employee takes. This is an important part of project management as this leads to delays which may not have been accounted for. Also it is an integral part of any human resources system.
  2. Time Overtime Absence Sickness Holiday: This module would track overtime and compensatory holidays for the employees. It would also track the time spent on various project and time allocation. Any project being done for the client can then be billed accurately. It does take into account the exempt and non exempt employees.
  3. Timesheet Tracking: This module reports on the history of time spent on various projects. Since some projects are fixed priced projects, this is a very important aspect of keeping the control on costs. Also many companies work on the cost center accounting basis and do need the time reporting by cost center etc.
  4. Subcontractor Details: A company might employ subcontractors to work for them. This module captures the subcontractor details. It also flags any subcontractor employees and captures the rate to be paid for the said employee.
  5. Work Order Details: There are two types of work order details. One the Compro / company gets from the client. This may be on a per hour basis or a fixed prices basis. Other work order is the order issued to the subcontractor. The two are distinguished and reported on separately.
  6. Personnel Module : This is a standard H.R. function to capture the personal details of an employee. This module will have an external interface with the ADP payroll system. All taxes etc. will be dealt by ADP. If the client does not have ADP as their payroll company, then a provision for extracting the information desired format will be provided.
  7. Client Details: This module will capture the standard client details. This module will mirror the subcontractor details module. Some though has to be give to the possibility of rolling the two modules together.
  8. Billing Module: Billing module with the following modules.
  9. Invoice Generation: This module takes care of any invoices to be generated for the client. What makes the module unique is that different require invoices at different times and different frequencies. Adequate reporting is required for this function.
  10. Payment Application: This module takes care of applying the payment received from the client. Any payment received is to be interfaced with the accounting system of the client - quick books pro for Compro.
  11. Account History: This is mainly a reporting function on the history of either the client or the sub contractor.
  12. Emailing: This module would email the invoices to the clients as well as any general emails that are required to be sent in mass

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