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 Staffing Solution
  Compro's success to its services in the Staffing Solution are attributed to:
  1. Its process driven recruitment methodology
  2. 24/7 Recruiting effort : Recruiting Operations from India & USA
  3. Perform all the various types of staffing solutions : Permanent Hiring, Contract Hiring & Project Staffing
  4. Global representation (Offices in USA, India)
  5. Competitively Priced , Response Time
  6. Detailed screening and validation of candidature to ensure highest level of quality
  7. Strong candidate - recruiter relationship
  8. Strong and effective Referral Program
  9. Continuous hand-holding process with candidates
  10. Experienced in providing Recruitment related Administrative functions:
    • Employment Offers
    • Job related Documentation
    • Relocation Co-ordination
    • Visa processing
    • Payroll processing
Services with Staffing Solution are
  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Contract Hiring
  • Project Staffing

    Permanent Recruitment
    Compro provides permanent recruitment services as part of its Technology Staffing Solution to over 100 clients. These services are provided on either a permanent or "right-to-hire" basis. We provide an unparalleled range of services, supported by detailed industry knowledge and an extensive network of contacts. In an aggressive and ever evolving market, our success derives from professional recruitment techniques combined with a true understanding of our client's technical and commercial needs.

    Compro is dedicated to developing and maintaining relationships between prospective candidates and employers. Our search and selection methodology ensures that we source candidates both passive and aggressive, and serve as the bridge that connects them to the clients that we represent

    Compro's permanent recruitment success is based upon three key criteria:
  • Developing effective working relationships with its customers
  • Availability of our extensive databases of skilled personnel
  • Utilisation of Compro's structured interview techniques designed to deliver best fit candidates

    Our permanent recruitment services include:
    Search and Selection - tailored programmes aimed at providing a suite of services designed to deliver 'best-fit' candidates. Service options include:
  • advertising placement
  • candidate networking
  • direct candidate targeting
  • candidate interviewing and shortlisting
  • expectation management
  • counter-offer management
  • package negotiation

    Assignment Based Recruitment - Compro provide supplementary services designed to support and enhance a client's recruitment campaign. Services can include:
  • advertising placement
  • call handling
  • candidate screening
  • interview support
  • psychometric testing
  • candidate shortlisting
  • negotiation management

    Contract Hiring
    Our innovative recruiting techniques ensure access to top talent in each of our niche divisions. Volt works collaboratively with customers to forecast upcoming staffing needs and implement high-impact sourcing strategies to identify direct-hire and temporary candidates.

    To optimize the quality of our candidate sourcing, Compro focuses on current skill sets, emerging technologies, and next generation trends. Our employment network includes top talent in a wide range of job disciplines and accommodates heavy ramp-up periods requiring a multitude of personnel in a short amount of time.

    Compro's strategy for ensuring the continual availability of qualified employees for our customers and resources for identifying qualified candidates include extensive sourcing efforts including:
  • Internet Recruiting
  • Incentive/Referral Programs
  • Internal Networking and Redeployment
  • Local/Regional Community Recruiting
  • Community Relations Representatives
  • Associate Vendor Relationships

    Project Staffing
    Project Hiring is a recruiting engagement for large-scale hiring programs, defined by specific start and end dates. Our workforce experts have been very successful in deploying top talent for several of our Client projects and our very large candidate database and our reach to the IT community have also been key reasons to our success in Project Staffing.

    Our experienced recruiters can get your workforce ramped up quickly, and put in place the metrics and efficiencies necessary that make the screening, recruiting and hiring process run like a well-oiled machine.


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